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Open mic and Features Videos

disclaimer: all works belong solely to the artists that are performing them we claim no rights to it at all. 

Sabreen Sudan-Jolley

She is an Educator, Poet and Author who travels the world to spread the beauty of art, spoken word and visualization.
She was born in Pasadena, California and raised in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Before going to college, her family relocated to Houston, TX.
Sabreen is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University (class of 2018) with a degree in communications. For 3 years of her undergraduate experience, Sabreen took classes in creative writing as well. Upon graduating, Sabreen took a year to travel to various states and countries to perform poetry and develop the grit she needs to make a career of speaking and writing.
She wrote her first book, Same Sky, Different Light, her senior year of college.
One of her many ventures after college include winning first place and the legendary Apollo Theatre Amateur Night in Harlem, NYC and performing at Dis’ Poem Festival in Portland, Jamaica. After spending several years after college cultivating her gift and living in every aspect, she decided to move to NYC fall 2021. She looks to immerse herself in her craft and expand herself as a writer and performer for the next several years in a city that she’s wanted to be in since she was a child.
Her work and community engagements have been featured in various publications including The Pine Bluff Commercial, Voyage Atlanta, WCLK (The local take), The HBCU Times, AJC, Root Work Journal, Pandemic ATL Newspaper and the Jamaica Observer.
She was selected as a residential artist for the Chateau d’Orquevaux French Residency in Orquevaux, France. There she will spend time developing her craft as a writer and editing her next major manuscript in order to push her to further her goal of becoming a full-time bestselling children’s book author, novelist and renowned poet.
Sabreen’s favorite quote is, “your gift is the thing you do the best with the least amount of effort.” She knows that soon, everything she has ever dreamed will one day be at the palms of her hands.

Feature- Sabreen Jolley-2022

Feature- Rudy Rudacious

Rudy Cabrera aka Rudacious is an Actor/Poet/Storyteller from Providence, RI. Rudy started Acting at 17 and has done an array of stage productions from various Shakespeare shows to more modern contemporary theater productions, even doing bilingual Spanish speaking roles and on camera has played Dimitrius in the Boston Based web series “The Pineapple Diaries” and more recently he played Jason Myers in the 18x award winning Hip Hop horror short film "Deep Redd!" As a poet Rudy has performed nationally in poetry slams representing the Lizard Lounge team in Cambridge, MA and in 2013 his team made the top 8 in the country. Also Rudy has graced the stages of countless schools, fundraisers, conferences and even random hole in the wall dive bars. “I’m just a lover of language. I seek both the witty ness of language to entertain & then the purpose of language to create the emotion or message I want the audience to have! It’s really about connecting words with people for me!”

Ginay Lopes is a Published Author located in Providence, Rhode island. In, 2016 she began studying and traveling the world. Throughout her educational and personal journey, Gina became intrigued by the different cultures and human experiences. Surrounding her. After learning the stories of various minority groups, she decided that these stories were for the world to hear. In 2021, Ginay published a book of poetry telling the stories of those who never got the chance to tell their own. Her first published book is titled They sky says You're welcome, a three volume book of poetry. The sky says your welcome went to become an amazon bestseller in its debut week. Ginay performs in the new England and tri-state area in order to promote her work. The sky says you’re welcome has obtained readers as close as providence and as far as Russia! She hopes to continue performing to inspire others to live their lives fully, without fear of what that may look like to others

Feature- Ginay Lopes

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